EPISODE 000: introduction

3 years after the completion of the flight around the world with Solar Impulse, happy to be back with H55.


EPISODE 001: the location

We decided to bring our new venture in Sion (Switzerland) The good weather was a strong motivation to come on this airfield to be able to do our test flight.


episode 002: solar impulse spin-off

H55 is a spin-off of Solar Impulse and what we are doing here, is to continue developing this electric propulsion technology for the world of aviation.


episode 003: the airplane

This is what we call, a flight trainer airplane and this is our first commercial application, bringing our electric propulsion technology to the world of aviation.


episode 004: What is electric propulsion?

Compared to a combustion engine (where 2 liters out of 3 that you put in the tank is lost), the efficiency here is very high, almost everything that you bring in terms of energy is transformed into propulsion.