EPISODE 000: introduction

3 years after the completion of the flight around the world with Solar Impulse, happy to be back with H55.


EPISODE 001: the location

We decided to bring our new venture in Sion (Switzerland) The good weather was a strong motivation to come on this airfield to be able to do our test flight.


episode 002: solar impulse spin-off

H55 is a spin-off of Solar Impulse and what we are doing here, is to continue developing this electric propulsion technology for the world of aviation.


episode 003: the airplane

This is what we call, a flight trainer airplane and this is our first commercial application, bringing our electric propulsion technology to the world of aviation.


episode 004: What is electric propulsion?

Compared to a combustion engine (where 2 liters out of 3 that you put in the tank is lost), the efficiency here is very high, almost everything that you bring in terms of energy is transformed into propulsion.


episode 005: The Cockpit

What's incredible in such an airplane is that we have a very small motor in the front but it has a high torque, which means as soon as you give power it reacts immediately.


episode 006: permit to fly

Before we can bring this airplane in the air, we need a permit to fly, here in Switzerland the authorization from the federal office for civil aviation.


episode 007: Cooling Systems

During our ground test, we discovered that it behaves differently than the way it behaves on the test bench. This fantastic engine does not cool down in the same way.